On Writing and Onwards

“Get action.” -Teddy Roosevelt

Writing is a difficult thing.  If it’s not remembering your grammar and style structure, it’s disciplining yourself to write anything at all.  I dreamed of writing a blog post a day, yet I lose interest and energy fighting myself to get anything done.  Still, old Teddy said to “get action,” and he used it to push through his problems.  Maybe that’s the way to go?

I’ve always been a fairly cautious person not wanting to make waves.  I’m finding that doesn’t get you very far.  I suppose I could go on about politics, religion, abortion, taxation, imperialism, and other wedge topics bound to make me greatly loved or greatly despised.  Actually, I do plan to talk about politics and religion, though I don’t intend of being a firebrand.

Some ideas I’m considering discussing at some point in no particular order:

What is art?

Job search

PHP, web development, etc.

Basset Hound Christianity

Police technology

Military technology

Police power

Charity says I hate babies

Confederacy of the Mind

Culture Wars

The U.S. Constitution

Military history


Multimedia Extravaganza Bonanza

Media incompetence

Education is the key

Internet comments (shudders to self)


Vulcan logic that, if spoken out loud, will get you killed

Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Christianity

Frank Uruquat of House of Cards

These are only “seed” topics to get me going.


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