“Move over, God!  Prepare for rebirth!” -Professor Hubert Farnsworth, Futurama, Rebirth (Episode 89)

Slowly, but surely, getting this blog back on track.  I have a few drafts being crafted over the next few days.  I don’t know how people blog multiple times a day.  It takes awhile for me to find a pocket of inspiration, only to drain it dry in a short period.

Now, I’ll have to remember where on earth everything is in my WordPress Dashboard…


2 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. It’s taking longer than expected. I go through periods of ennui and writing is difficult to do. I have several posts I’m preparing, but it’ll be awhile before they are up. I think of my best ideas usually away from the computer and then they go away by the time I sit down to write. The stories I write in my mind never translate to screen/paper the way I envision them. Thanks to all who are viewing my posts! 🙂


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