“Opinions are like heinies… everyone has one.”  -Whoopi Goldberg


Welcome to Ripberger’s blog.  He has studied history, library science, and web design.  Here, you can read his miscellaneous thoughts about life, the universe, and everything.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the follow. Came over to see your stuff. Have you visited johnkutensky.wordpress.com? I think you might have a lot in common.
    Keep writing, and best wishes on the job front!

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    • And thank you for being my first comment! I’ll check John’s site out. I’m still trying to figure out WP’s ins and outs. I have no idea why your comment needed approving. I have a few writing topics in mind. It’s fighting the procrastination bug that’s a pain.


      • Yeah! I’ve never been first before! Remember me when you are rich and famous.

        I think there is a setting in the Dashboard about when comments are held for moderation. Mine is set to hold all comments from those who’ve never commented before.

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  2. Hi! Thanks for requesting access to my site. I had to focus on my offline life so I shut it down. Not sure when or if I’ll be back. I didn’t have your email address so I thought I’d reply here.

    All the best!


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